Victory in the Vale

A Message to Fallcrest

To: Lord Faren Markelhay
Location: City of Fallcrest


I hope that the gods have been kind to you and your guardsmen since I was last in Fallcrest. They have been kind to me, in both women and battle. I have some stories to tell you, my friend…many that will have to wait until we meet again at the Silver Unicorn.

My purpose in writing is to ask you about a member of my adventuring party. I know that you have many powerful connections, and that I can trust you to be safe with this request.

The person that I want to know about is a wizard or sorcerer named Valthrun the Prescient of Winterhaven. He has given me some reasons to believe that he may be involved with some evil or dangerous power that is bigger than he knows. I will not say more in the case that this message is seen by other eyes than yours, and I do not wish to cause more problems than already face Winterhaven.

I would like to know as much as possible about this man. When I asked around Winterhaven, even to the oldest man in town, his history was largely unknown. If you know anything about where he comes from, where he was educated, who kept him company, what things he has done: all of these would be of interest to me. And I’m sure that I would put in a good word to my family about your efforts if you could tell me anything.

Please send a response to let me know that you received this message—I will wait for a response with your seal.

May Kord lead you into gruesome battles, and let you live that you might to fight another day,




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