Victory in the Vale

Adventuring is good for the soul...

by Lyssa

It has been sometime since my last entry into this journal, but I have had much to occupy my mind of late. Until we entered the pyramid of Karavakos, things had been going generally int heir normal course— Hio, in his general, good-natured way, attempted to sleep or fight with everyone/thing he encountered, Nebin continued his epic quest to never have to walk anywhere again due to his ability to teleport, Valthrun continued to barely tolerate the party, and Elyas was… Elyas. I attempted to continue my task from the monastery to lead my brother and Nebin towards a more lawful approach to the world, and generally failed spectacularly. Perhaps it was this continued failure that has lead to some of my recent decisions.

In the pyramid of Karavokos, we came across many of the standard adventuring challenges- deceit, betrayal, monsters, puzzles, and the occasional assistance. Relatively standard really. We had a guide in the form of Vyrellis who was trapped in the pyramid as we were, and who was kind enough to lend me the use of some of her more potent powers to help us overcome the obstacles we faced. Things were progressing as usual until Nebin came across a temple to Chaos… perhaps the one place I should least want to venture ever (well, perhaps except Hio’s room when he is… entertaining someone). I still don’t know what possessed (interesting choice of words) to enter that temple, that temple where even Hio refused to enter, but I did. Perhaps I was tired of being the good one, mocked by the party for my lawful ways, perhaps I was just curious, but whatever the reason, I departed from the path of lawfulness into chaos. I was chastened shortly thereafter by two swords through my stomach as the words “Your glory before another’s” echoed around me, but Elyas cured the wounds shortly thereafter.

The fact remains that my actions made Hio mistrust me for some time after the initial entry into the temple, and while he appears to be back to his old self, I am still uneasy about my choices and what they mean. I have engaged in pettiness against Elyas (he left a sick, drunken dragonborn in my room, and I may have sneaked into his room later that evening and left some of the dragonborn’s sickness in his shoes) and I confess to a certain Hio-like delight in combat for combat’s sake, especially as I have been training to improve my defenses and do not have to be rescued from the brink of death on an hourly basis. Most worryingly, I seem to have stopped trying to prevent Hio and Nebin from exercising their baser whims, and I even tolerate Elyas’s changeability and Valthrun-baiting more than I used to. Two paths lie ahead of me… the path I have chosen of law and order, or the path of chaos and violence… perhaps my head will be clearer when we leave the troll lairs…



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