Victory in the Vale

An Ominous Reply

To Hio

You are contacted by Lord Faren Markelhay of Fallcrest much sooner than anticipated. Rather than receiving a scroll marked with his seal, it seems the nobleman has elected to send you a reply via a Sending ritual – relatively inexpensive as far as such magics go, but certainly it took more effort on his part to use this method rather than simply sending a messenger to Winterhaven and hoping for the best.

Though there is nothing for his seal to be pressed upon, you know the communique is genuine. You can see him in your mind’s eye, clear as the first time you met him, and you hear his voice in your mind. The ritual limits him to speaking no more than twenty-five words to you in total, but you may respond to him immediately afterwards in like fashion if you so wish.

“Consulted my archivists. Valthrun was once a citizen of Fallcrest. He studied under the mage Magrathar, whom I’ve not seen since both left for Winterhaven.”



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