Victory in the Vale

If you can't beat them...

(let Hio kick their ass?)

by Lyssa

Well, after our normal bit of saving the world, we arrived back at Winterfell, where I was really hoping for some sage guidance from Duvan regarding my quandry about Nebin and Hio’s behavior and how I am best to control them. Of course, while I am having my heart-to-heart with Duvan, Hio and Nebin are breaking into Valthrun’s tower to open some sort of box he has hidden from the rest of the party. Once I manage to talk Valthrun down a bit (which of course upset Hio), I finished my talk with Duvan, and he told me that I needed to stop looking to external sources for my direction. In other words, I should live a directionless, lawless life just like the rest of the party. Not sure whether this is a freeing moment or a time of deep inner turmoil about what to do next. I suppose I will stick with my half-brother for now, but really, I am not sure what role I have as an intermediary in the group any more. Stopping Valthrun from magic missile-ing Hio and Nebin is probably still a good thing.

On the positive side, I am learning to focus this inner chaos into my fighting and even my armour, and I am released from my obligation of being the moral center of the group just in time to go visit some drow…



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