A fanatical warrior, and likely a member of a larger cult of Orcus at work in the Keep.


Irontooth is no sniveling coward, like most goblins. He wields his battleaxe to deadly effect, all while swearing and cursing, promising death to his foes and eternal undead servitude to his demonic patron. He is not particularly bright, and has fallen for simple baiting tactics – but his ferocity has cowed the local group clan of goblins in Shadowfell Keep to rallying behind him, including their previous leader, Balgron the Fat.

It seemed Irontooth was also interested in stirring up trouble along the roads, probably to keep the people of Winterhaven focused away from the ruins that his masters were desecrating. The party fought him in a kobold hideout, but were routed – barely escaping with their lives. It is rumored that he might be found deeper in the Keep’s catacombs…


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