Raven Queen

"Do not be so proud as to think you can avoid your fate."


The god of death is known only as the Raven Queen, for her name is lost to history. She is the patron of the shadar-kai and all lost souls, guiding the dead to the Hereafter from her macabre court in the Shadowfell. She also governs the domains of Fate and Winter, but she is most distinguished for her duty to judge those who pass on. She instructs her followers to embrace death as the natural end of life, and to punish those who create undead, especially the cultists of the demon prince Orcus, her nemesis.

It takes about a month from the time that a freshly dead individual arrives in the Shadowfell until its appointment with the Dark Lady in Letherna; after that month, resurrection becomes impossible, as the person will have passed on to their final fate. Not all who die come to her, however: those who serve the Gods have may be granted life after life as exalted, while the selfish and evil who sell their souls to devilkind become damned and are imprisoned in Hell.

Raven Queen

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